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Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune
2 - 5 players
average 30 minutes
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Medieval City Building Territory Building
Area Control / Area Influence Tile Placement

Carcassonne: Das Schicksalsrad (English: Wheel of Fortune) is both a full replacement for the base game of Carcassonne and an expansion to the original base game. It includes 72 tiles, consisting of 63 tiles released in the original base game, 6 from Inns & Cathedrals, 1 from Traders & Builders and 2 from King & Scout. It also includes a special replacement start tile which depicts the Wheel of Fortune, a new mechanic unique to this edition of the game. The new start tile is the size of 16 tiles, arranged in a 4×4 square and is built using some of the tiles removed from the base game. Nineteen tiles from the game have numbers printed on them allowing players to randomly spin the Wheel of Fate (between 1 and 3 spaces around the wheel). Otherwise, a player may choose to place a follower on the wheel if they decline placing a follower that turn. The results of the Wheel vary depending on which of the sixths of the wheel the pig lands on. Results vary from forcing all players to remove a follower from the board to rewarding the player who moves the pig with three bonus points. There are six outcomes in all. Play of this game does not require ownership of any Carcassonne base game. All expansions are compatible with this game. This game can also be played with the base game as an expansion, using its wagon wheel watermark to differentiate it from the base game. The German edition of this game includes a book Carcassonne - Das Schicksalsrad by Helene Luise Köppel. The English edition of the game was released in October 2009 by Rio Grande Games. Part of the Carcassonne series.

Overall Statistics for Kollegen

Total Games Played: 2
Average Players Per Game 2.5

Win/Loss Statistics for Kollegen

Badges Name   NemePoints   Total Games   Avg. NemePoints   Wins / Losses % Won  
David 19  2 10.00 
50 %
Achim 17  2 8.00 
0 %
Isabell 15  1 15.00 
100 %

    Last 2 Played Games for Kollegen

    Date Played Result
    1st Isabell (188 game points scored)
    2nd Achim (181 game points scored)
    3rd David (150 game points scored)
    1st David
    2nd Achim