Mission Statement

To make it easy and fun to record the results of board games so you can get interesting statistics, Achievements, and Badges.

My name is Jake Gordon (@jakejgordon, Blog, https://github.com/jakejgordon/ on GitHub) and I created NemeStats because I love board games and software development. A group of co-workers play board games nearly every day at work and we were keeping track of wins/losses on a whiteboard -- as I've come to believe many people do. I had been wanting to start a project outside of work just to brush up on some new technologies and figured I might as well build a web application to track the results of board games... and NemeStats was born!

My goal is to build a site that is fun, easy to use, and compelling enough that board gamers will want to record the results of their played games so they can get statistics that go way beyond just simple win/loss ratios. NemeStats requires that each game has each player's rank recorded. This opens up the opportunity to do much more advanced statistics like "How often do I beat a given player on a given game with a given number of players?" or "Who is the best at a particular game?" or "What is my average rank across any number of given games?" or even "Who is my Nemesis?".

NemeStats already has a system for calculating gaming points -- or "NemePoints" -- in a way that attempts to measure the quality of wins that a player achieves. For more information on Nemepoints, check out the About NemePoints page.

For information on Badges and Achievements, check out the About Badges and Achievements page.

Integration and Contributors

NemeStats can always use contributions from Software Developers, UX Designers, Marketers, or anyone who wants to provide feedback. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to email us at [email protected].

If you are interested in integrating with NemeStats, check out our REST API documentation on Apiary. You can also reach out directly via [email protected] if you want to discuss integration opportunities.

Special Thanks

So far I've been able to enlist the help of a number of people whom I'd like to thank for their contributions:


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