What Are Badges?

"Badges" in NemeStats are special awards and designations that call out the state of a Player within a Gaming Group. The Badges that we currently support are:

Nemesis Become someone's Nemesis by beating them at least 3 times, having a greater than 50% win ratio vs. them, and having a higher win percentage against them than anyone else.
Minion A Minion is the opposite of a Nemesis. If you are someone's mininon, then you are their Nemesis, and vice versa. Having minions is good; being a minion is bad.
Champion Each Game within a Gaming Group can have at most a single Champion. The Champion is the Player who has won the most games of that Game. You can lose the Champion Badge if another Player wins more games of the given Game.

When Are Badges Recalculated?

Badges are recalculated after every Played Game is recorded. Deleting a Player or de-activating a Player will also cause the related badges to recalculate.

What Are Achievements?

Achievements are permanent awards that Players earn by meeting certain conditions. There can be multiple levels of Achievements (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold) that are achieved at different thresholds. Due to the intense calculations that go into some Achievements, there may be a delay in the time it takes for an Achievement to show up for a Player. For a list of all possible Achievements, check out the achievements page.

Achievement Icons

Achievement icons courtesy of Freepik from flaticon.com and Font Awesome from fontawesome.io.