Game Winner Date Group
Great Western Trail Chris Fillmore 6/17/2019 Monday Night Games Group
Santorini (2004) EVERYONE WON 6/17/2019 tdaddycrain's Gaming Group
Cribbage (1630) Adrian Martinez 6/16/2019 Haze Kalasa's Gaming Group
Werewords Deluxe AnnaBeth 6/17/2019 JC Gamers
Res Arcana Darren 6/17/2019 polychrotid's Gaming Group
Heaven & Ale Mark Roberts 6/17/2019 Mark Roberts' Gaming Group
Sagrada Paul Cornwell 6/17/2019 Cornwell Family
Ascension: Deckbuilding Game Rob Thomasson 6/18/2019 All The Games
Champions of Hara AI1 6/17/2019 bdhchef's Gaming Group
UNO Daniel Ernlund 6/17/2019 Romir's Gaming Group
Dice Forge: Rebellion monesias 6/18/2019 monesias's Gaming Group
Cacao Luca Bon 6/17/2019 PaoloVaniniGamingGroup
The Castles of Burgundy (2011) Sandra 6/17/2019 sanjan's Gaming Group
Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries kurotoshiro 6/17/2019 kurotoshiro's Gaming Group
iKNOW: Hit List (2016) Dominik 6/16/2019 Bendabum's Gaming Group
Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Kukucs 6/17/2019 Broki's Gaming Group
Sun Tzu (2005) Andrzej 6/17/2019 ŻABKa
Manitoba Lorena 6/17/2019 Tokameroke's Gaming Group
La Valle dei Mercanti (2015) Lorenzo 6/17/2019 luca2791's Gaming Group
Splendor (2014) DR 6/17/2019 zImB0's Gaming Group
Sagrada (2017) Antonella 6/17/2019 mkam's Gaming Group
Captain Sonar (2016) EVERYONE WON 6/15/2019 Vicenza Gamers
Timebomb: Sherlock vs. Moriarty Arthur 6/17/2019 Erreur404
Orléans (2014) Breakdown777 6/16/2019 Breakdown777's Gaming Group
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (2015) Mark 6/17/2019 TTA & Legacy