Game Winner Date Group
Terra Mystica (2012) Ptolo 3/22/2023 Chocolate Vessel
Viticulture Essential Edition Shannon 3/25/2023 Family Newell
Luxor: Collector's Edition Richard 3/25/2023 LudoLogical
DC Deck-Building Game: Dark Nights – Metal Christine Thibault 3/25/2023 Tyranorex's Gaming Group
Terraforming Mars Piergiorgio 3/25/2023 Creatini
Farkle SarsenLintel 3/25/2023 SarsenLintel's Gaming Group
Wonderland's War Brian Cali 3/25/2023 Everything Else
Londres Benoist 3/25/2023 Maldoror's Gaming Group
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Os Assassinatos do Tâmisa & Outros Casos EVERYONE WON 3/25/2023 thome's Gaming Group
Pagan: Fate of Roanoke Noé 3/25/2023 Vincent's Gaming Group
Suburbia (2012) Ира 3/25/2023 BonzaiSPB
Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition Kopuł Turniej 3/25/2023 Scimi's Gaming Group
Brass: Birmingham (2018) bigdadda 3/25/2023 wilburne's Gaming Group
Duna: Impérium (2020) Areng 3/25/2023 Doma
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (2015) Cam 3/25/2023 TTA & Legacy
Slynx Robert (Vrije Ban) 3/24/2023 Bordspellen Noord
Memoir '44 Mark 3/24/2023 Bier & Spelen
Cooper Island Celina 3/24/2023 BGHome
Orléans Chris 3/24/2023 PICT
Riverboat TRAP 3/23/2023 Arthurking's Gaming Group
Wingspan Christophe 3/24/2023 VA Games
Liverpool Rummy (1930) OliviaLanning 3/22/2023 OliviaLanning's Gaming Group
Hand and Foot SeanSpinks 3/23/2023 Family
Creature Comforts Jose Wallapop 3/23/2023 Jimmiroquai's Gaming Group
Root Aaron s 3/22/2023 Steve_rodgers's Gaming Group