Game Winner Date Group
Witness (2014) EVERYONE WON 7/16/2018 Group2Potes
아그리콜라 (2008) 이권수 7/16/2018 Andy's Gaming Group
Roll Player Chelle 7/15/2018 SarsenLintel's Gaming Group
Fireball Island Kelvin L 7/15/2018 Alpine Game Knights
Cribbage (1630) Steue 7/15/2018 Just Roll With It
Arkham Horror: The Card Game EVERYONE LOST 7/15/2018 Griffonstone's Gaming Group
18OE: On the Rails of the Orient Express Jason Begy 7/15/2018 philcampeau's Gaming Group
Dixit: Memories Birk Lazar 7/15/2018 Game (K)night
Charterstone Lou 7/15/2018 AdamI's Gaming Group
Love Letter: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies SFa 7/15/2018 Spielegruppe
Flamme Rouge (2017) Lorena 7/15/2018 Tokameroke's Gaming Group
Sushi Go! Zaida Marrero 7/15/2018 DrWhom's Gaming Group
The Castles of Burgundy Asia 7/15/2018 2018 kortyliano's Gaming Group
Sagrada Nuss 7/15/2018 failtech's Gaming Group
A Feast for Odin Adam B (Galaxy) 7/15/2018 NMR's Gaming Group
Five Crowns Junior grandma s 7/15/2018 Lyons of the Mark
Skip-Bo Antonia 7/15/2018 Familie
Star Fluxx (2011) Gary 7/15/2018 Gary, Emma and Vip
Las Vegas (2012) Crash 7/15/2018 Mapache spielt
Roll for the Galaxy (2014) Raj 7/15/2018 Reading Posse
7 Wonders (2010) Beth E 7/15/2018 skywalker3880's Gaming Group
Clanes de Caledonia ccanado 7/15/2018 ccanado's Gaming Group
Concordia Vic 7/15/2018 kurotoshiro's Gaming Group
Concordia (2013) 張志豪 7/15/2018 chang3fon's Gaming Group
Race for the Galaxy (2007) Emily Welker 7/15/2018 Welker Family Gaming Group