Game Winner Date Group
Half-Pint Heroes Michael 11/12/2019 Dark Lords of Boardgaming
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (2011) Chris 11/15/2019 Cryoshark's Gaming Group
Dixit (2008) Sarah 11/15/2019 sarah7986's Gaming Group
Factory Funner Jsmid6 11/12/2019 Jsmid6's Gaming Group
Doppelt so clever Nuss 11/15/2019 failtech's Gaming Group
Great Western Trail Derek Felli 11/15/2019 Fellowship of the Meeple
Catan Dice Game Plus Joshua 11/14/2019 Gilldasyde Board Game Group
테라포밍 마스 Terraforming Mars (2016) 이즐라 11/15/2019 BBC
Five Tribes Vitor Falco JB 11/14/2019 Xicones's Gaming Group
BANG! The Dice Game (2013) Gordo Lucas 11/14/2019 Mis juegos
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game Thao Nguyen 11/14/2019 Ashton210z's Gaming Group
Eurorails Santiago 11/14/2019 Les Ludovores
Volldampf Raymond 11/14/2019 christianroy's Gaming Group
It Happens.. Sylvain Echou 11/15/2019 Group2Potes
Aeon's End: The New Age EVERYONE WON 11/14/2019 Thursday Night Gaming
Viticulture Essential Edition A. Cook 11/14/2019 Condo457
Edge of Darkness EVERYONE WON 11/14/2019 Green_Acres_Gaming_Group
Maracaibo Lolo 11/14/2019 Les jeux du Jeudi
Paperback bjnshannon 11/14/2019 bjnshannon's Gaming Group
Photosynthesis Datrollking 11/14/2019 Datrollking's Gaming Group
Yomi Nick 11/14/2019 Erock4's Gaming Group
Car Wars: The Card Game Mark Young 11/14/2019 Jersey's Board Gaming Group
Ticket to Ride (2004) Steue 11/14/2019 Tony's
Mamma Mia! (1998) leo 11/14/2019 Devasto Activity
The King's Dilemma Mapache 11/14/2019 Mapache spielt