Game Winner Date Group
Scythe (2016) adrian 11/30/2021 duka.adrian's Gaming Group
Oceans Mike 11/30/2021 RevJB's Gaming Group
Power Grid Deluxe: Europe/North America (2014) Tarquin McElvenny 11/30/2021 10x10 CHALLENGE - Season 1
The Red Cathedral szaszat20 11/26/2021 szaszat20's Gaming Group
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game – StarViper Expansion Pack Niarff 11/29/2021 Niarff's Gaming Group
Mottainai Pete 11/30/2021 The Droogs
De verdwenen ruïnes van Arnak (2021) Ine 11/30/2021 ine's Gaming Group
Century: Eastern Wonders Brittany 11/29/2021 Datrollking's Gaming Group
Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated Paul Nashert 11/29/2021 Guys Game Night
Underwater Cities Chad Mestdagh 11/29/2021 Monday Night Games Group
Carcassonne (2000) Zach 11/29/2021 JarlZarl's Gaming Group
It's a Wonderful World Marc 11/29/2021 Erock4's Gaming Group
Era: Medieval Age QEJ_Kike 11/29/2021 QEJ_Kike's Gaming Group
Wingspan Zach 11/29/2021 Family Games 2021
Happy Birthday! Jennifer 11/29/2021 austinhaws's Gaming Group
Kingless Danielle Smith 11/29/2021 Clayton Parker’s Gaming Group
Dice Throne Adventures EVERYONE WON 11/29/2021 207/217 Gamers
War of the Ring (Second Edition) Malcolm 11/29/2021 philcampeau's Gaming Group
Wingspan Chelle 11/29/2021 SarsenLintel's Gaming Group
Star Realms (2014) AI 11/29/2021 Aldaron's Gaming
Teotihuacan: Expansion Period Celina 11/29/2021 BGHome
The Edge: Dawnfall (2018) Nils 11/29/2021 Gobbes's Gaming Group 2021
Race for the Galaxy (2007) Florian 11/29/2021 Fachgruppe für digitalen Brettspielspaß
Roll Player Adventures EVERYONE WON 11/29/2021 Janetw858's Gaming Group
Inis (2016) Mihail Pavlov 11/29/2021 Home Gaming Group