Game Winner Date Group
Splendor Gil Maio 1/15/2019 GilMaio's Gaming Group
Trans Europa (2005) Cruncher 1/16/2019 Mapache spielt
221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game (1975) SteveO89 1/16/2019 SteveO89's Gaming Group
Lords of Waterdeep Andrea 1/16/2019 Surrey Girl Gamers
Crypt (2018) Jonnypablo83 1/16/2019 Jonnypablo83's Gaming Group
Vikings Gone Wild (2017) Asia 1/16/2019 mBird 's Gaming Group
Dots and boxes petabread 1/16/2019 petabread's Gaming Group
Cthulhu Realms (2015) kevin 1/16/2019 Ashley James Williams's Gaming Group
Kingdomino briatharen 1/16/2019 briatharen's Gaming Group
Wizards of the Wild: Deluxe Edition (2015) Ralf 1/16/2019 Digitair's Gaming Group
List Miłosny (edycja rozszerzona) (2016) Mateuszek 1/16/2019 lsoltys's Gaming Group
Deep Space D-6 Andrzej 1/16/2019 ŻABKa
Orléans kurotoshiro 1/16/2019 kurotoshiro's Gaming Group
GoodCritters (2018) Harri 1/16/2019 tuosu's Gaming Group
Paszczaki Bruno 1/16/2019 Scimi's Gaming Group
Catan (1995) mahammad arman far 1/16/2019 shirdalcafe's Gaming Group
Kingdomino (2016) Tliny 1/16/2019 Tliny's Gaming Group
Welcome To Centerville Romain Fages 1/16/2019 Group2Potes
Brass: Lancashire (2007) Adrian 1/16/2019 Nijoth's Gaming Group
Patchwork Таня 1/16/2019 tashimo's Gaming Group
Great Western Trail (2016) Miguel 1/16/2019 Raydax's Gaming Group
Arkham Horror: The Card Game EVERYONE WON 1/16/2019 Golden's Gaming Group
Arboretum Scott Woodward 1/16/2019 Make Your Piece Gaming Group
Patchwork (2014) Alex 1/16/2019 damccleod's Gaming Group
KeyForge: Call of the Archons cn7gamer 1/15/2019 cn7gamer's Gaming Group