Game Winner Date Group
Terraforming Mars: Turmoil (2019) Steve 5/30/2020 Ahhhfreakout's Gaming Group
Above and Below (2015) Belinda 5/31/2020 Cool Games Night Players (except Jacob)
Everdell Rolly 5/30/2020 Muzzinjapan's Gaming Group
Carcassonne Brittany 5/30/2020 Datrollking's Gaming Group
That's Pretty Clever Annasthasia Corbin 5/30/2020 Everything Else
Le Havre databoy01 5/30/2020 databoy01's Gaming Group
Marvel Champions: The Card Game (2019) EVERYONE WON 5/30/2020 afforon 's Gaming Group
Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (2019) tdaddycrain 5/30/2020 tdaddycrain's Gaming Group
Agricola: Family Edition obervet 5/30/2020 obervet's Gaming Group
Jamaica (2007) Galia 5/30/2020 RivTor Animals
Raiders of the North Sea (2015) Nelly 5/30/2020 Carlos Esparza's Gaming Group
Glen More II: Chronicles Kristen 5/30/2020 Game Night
Azul (2017) Kewelinho 5/31/2020 kewelinho's Gaming Group
Newton Renato 5/30/2020 BGHome
Mexican Train Alan Farnsworth 5/28/2020 Bob_A_Mickelson's Gaming Group
Hero Realms Paweł 5/30/2020 Scimi's Gaming Group
Qwixx Chelle 5/30/2020 SarsenLintel's Gaming Group
Brass: Birmingham oOMortenOo 5/30/2020 oOMortenOo's Gaming Group
The Fox in the Forest Duet EVERYONE WON 5/30/2020 BradR's Gaming Group
Dolina Kupców (2015) Monber 5/31/2020 Rodzina B.
L.A.M.A. (2019) Alina 5/31/2020 BurnMC's Gaming Group
Love Letter (2012) Samuel Knaller 5/29/2020 Robh's Gaming Group
Kingdomino (2016) Jane 5/30/2020 Games Night
Imperial Settlers (2014) Vladimir Pavlov 5/31/2020 Home Gaming Group
Reavers of Midgard (2019) Misiek 5/30/2020 Grupa Domowa