Game Winner Date Group
Dominion (2009) Isabelle Nadeau 4/18/2021 patricechiniara's Gaming Group
Lost Ruins of Arnak C. Ellorin 4/18/2021 Condo457
Whistle Stop Ary 4/18/2021 BGHome
Sleeping Queens Mini Gustavo Ernlund 4/18/2021 Romir's Gaming Group
Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale SarsenLintel 4/18/2021 SarsenLintel's Gaming Group
Canvas Josh 4/18/2021 materpillar's Gaming Group
Pictureka! Mark 4/18/2021 Wilson Family Games
Cribbage (1630) Simon 4/18/2021 Just Roll With It
Carnegie Johannes67 4/18/2021 Johannes67's Gaming Group
Root Josie Motley 4/18/2021 mikerobe007's Gaming Group
Mixtape Massacre (2016) Cindy N 4/18/2021 Lefty Writer's Gaming Group
Champions of Midgard Jeff 4/18/2021 The Tuscaloosa Wolfpack
Coimbra kurotoshiro 4/18/2021 kurotoshiro's Gaming Group
Last Will: Getting Sacked (2013) Will (automa) 4/18/2021 Real BG
Stone Age (2008) Gianluca 4/18/2021 invaca's Gaming Group
Century: Spice Road bdhchef 4/18/2021 bdhchef's Gaming Group
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game EVERYONE WON 4/18/2021 Maldoror's Gaming Group
Yamslam, le casino yams! (2009) Cynthia 4/18/2021 cidrixx's Gaming Group
Splendor Tash 4/18/2021 Ravenpolar's Gaming Group
Ticket to Ride: Europe (2005) Tom 4/18/2021 Ligue extraordinaire des geeks oubliés
Wild Space Jim knopf 4/18/2021 Jim knopf's Gaming Group
Fort (1-4) Artem 4/18/2021 sXedge's Gaming Group
Terraformacja Marsa Ola 4/18/2021 sepiky's Gaming Group
Hansa Teutonica: Big Box Leo Cañado 4/18/2021 ccanado's Gaming Group
My City RobèrB♈️ 4/18/2021 1. ♈️ Roma ♍️