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Escape of the Dead Minigame
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Dice Fighting Print & Play Horror Zombies
Dice Rolling Action Point Allowance System Paper-and-Pencil Worker Placement

You are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and you're stuck in a house with a broken car and hordes of zombies are attacking in the lawn. But wait, you found tools enough to fix the car to escape from the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? Escape of the Dead is a solo game. In the game you are trying to fix the car while trying to defend yourself against hordes of zombies. You're given 4 Action dice per turn, distribute between 3 sections of the game (either by shooting zombie, fixing the barricade and/or fixing the car). Roll for success on each section. Any zombie that survived will attack the barricade. When you successfully killed 10 zombies you will be rewarded with power-up. You lose when your barricade is down (i.e barricade's hp equals zero). You win when the car is fixed 100% and get out of the house. All you need to play 1 A4 paper to print the board + rule 4 six sided dice a pencil (optional) an eraser (optional) As of 1.5 (The 'portable edition'), all you need to play 1 A4/Letter paper to print the rules 1 A4/Letter cardstock to print the cards/zombies 4 six sided dice 4 transparent card sleeves (optional) 1 Dry Erase Marker/Grease Pencil (optional) Something to erase markings (optional) Gaming Stones (or some other marker) instead of Dry Erase/Grease Pencil. The amount you use is by preference. You will need from 3-30. 12 is ideal (1 for a zombie kill track, 1 for repair track, and 10 for barricade HP - You could make the barricade damage a track and only require 3 markers). You can download the game for FREE in the file/download section below. You can also visit us and play more games at

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