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Rome: City of Marble
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Ancient City Building
Area Control / Area Influence Tile Placement Pattern Building

Description from the publisher: Rome: City of Marble is a Euro-style tile-laying game set in Ancient Rome during the reign of Augustus Caesar in which players are powerful Patrician families competing to secure the prestigious title of Architect of Rome. As leading citizens in this great city, they influence and direct the construction of an ever-expanding metropolis through shrewd development of neighborhoods by constructing civic buildings, temples for worship, baths for health and camaraderie, theaters for philosophy and the arts, and arenas for entertainment. Build more and gain Imperium, the measure of real power in Roman society. As Civic buildings are constructed, influential players score points representing their success. Players score extra points for building Bridges, Aqueducts, Fountains and their wealth, with bonus points awarded for Imperium. Veni, vidi, vici!

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Total Games Played: 1
Average Players Per Game 3

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Badges Name   NemePoints   Total Games   Avg. NemePoints   Wins / Losses % Won  
Luke 33  1 33.00 
100 %
Kristen 22  1 22.00 
0 %
mpollockrph 11  1 11.00 
0 %

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    Date Played Result
    1st Luke (78 game points scored)
    2nd Kristen (71 game points scored)
    3rd mpollockrph (68 game points scored)