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King of the Dice
2 - 5 players
average 25 minutes
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Fantasy Card Game Collectible Components Dice
Dice Rolling Set Collection Press Your Luck

King of the Dice You're finally a king! All your dreams have been fulfilled. You sit content in your castle and look out over your wonderful kingdom. Green meadows, rolling fields, high mountains and clear rivers stretch as far as your eyes can see... but one thing is missing from your kingdom: citizens! So you announce the merits of the kingdom all over the country – in the rich cities, to the crazy gnomes in their workshops, to the dwarves in their deep mines, and also to the orcs, fairies and the sorcerer's apprentices. But they aren't easily convinced; after all there are also other kings trying to win them over. That's why you need skill and luck with the dice to entice the best citizens to your kingdom. But watch out for scoundrels and dragons. Otherwise your thriving kingdom will soon be a wretched wasteland, and you'll have to watch as someone else is crowned King of the Dice. Make your kingdom thrive! Step 1: Gain new citizens for your kingdom by fulfilling the various requirements on the cards with three rolls of the dice. Step 2: Special cards provide you with benefits. But watch out for scoundrels and dragons. Step 3: The player with the best citizens at the end wins the game!

Overall Statistics for AlexVancina's Gaming Group

Total Games Played: 3
Average Players Per Game 2

Win/Loss Statistics for AlexVancina's Gaming Group

Badges Name   NemePoints   Total Games   Avg. NemePoints   Wins / Losses % Won  
Alex 18  3 6.00 
66 %
Sara 15  3 5.00 
33 %

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    Date Played Result
    1st Alex (32 game points scored)
    2nd Sara (22 game points scored)
    1st Alex (24 game points scored)
    2nd Sara (12 game points scored)
    1st Sara (28 game points scored)
    2nd Alex (23 game points scored)