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1 - 4 players
average 75 minutes
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Dreamscape is a unique "dream building" game. Incarnate a dreamer collecting dreamshards in mysterious locations such as the lair of the Clockwork Golem. Create dreamscapes with these shards, stroll along paths, climb mountains, and pass through waterfalls. A game of Dreamscape is played in five rounds consisting of two phases: In the Travel phase, wander through the dreamworld in quest for dreamshards. Use with skill the key function of the locations you cross and save precious action points to collect more shards. But avoid Mr Nightmare, who is lurking around to infest your dreams. Then comes the Creation phase, in which you construct your own dreamscape in 3D, using the collected dreamshards. Score points for completed landscapes as listed on your personal goals. And to shape your Dreamscape constantly evolving, you can rely on the essential location powers. Furthermore, a series of common goals offer new challenges with each game, influencing your choices while collecting and building your Dreamscape. Dreamscape offers a game experience that cannot be compared to any other game, with a unique combination of route-planning, resource collecting and ultimately building your own little Dreamworld as a small tableau. In the end, the wonderful dreamscapes you will create will leave you with a magical feeling, constantly renewed.

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Total Games Played: 2
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Benoist 62  2 31.00 
100 %
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