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Seasons: The Calendar Rummy Game
2 - 4 players
average 90 minutes
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Hand Management Set Collection Pattern Building Deck / Pool Building

From the Box: Seasons is the fun new way to play rummy based on a familiar concept-the months of the year! Each player starts the game with their own season-themed deck. Score points by getting rid of your cards faster than your opponents. Earn bonus points by stealing your opponents' cards or by playing special holiday, birthday and wild cards. Keen strategy is required as you progressively fine-tune your deck throughout the game. The first player to earn 365 points wins! (366 during a leap year!) Components Include: 4 decks of 55 cards, each themed in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter 48 month cards in 4 different suits 4 holiday cards 1 happy birthday card 2 wild cards Scorepad Rule book

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