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Habana Taxi
3 - 7 players
average 20 minutes
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Travel Bluffing
Simultaneous Action Selection

How to visit Havana in one afternoon? The only solution is to take one of these old taxis with glowing chromium. There is a problem though; you're not the only one to have had this idea! Your adversaries will also try to take the best way in order to complete their course before you do! In order to fill their program of visits, tourists will travel by taxi. It will be necessary to choose yours according to its destination and its frequency. The more people sharing a taxi, the less expensive it is, but the taxi then goes slower because it’s filled! On the other hand, if you want to ride in a beautiful new American taxi, your taxi will go more quickly but the price will be higher. Will you find the proper compromise when you make your choices? You mark points by visiting the most monuments possible. To win, it will constantly be necessary to try and arrive at a balance between your desire to travel alone and go quickly, so you can get to as many points of interest as you can, and the budgetary constraint that will force you at one time or another to share the leather bench of your taxi with other noisy tourists!

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