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ASL Action Pack #1
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Wargame World War II Expansion for Base-game

(from the back and user's description:) Boards 42 and 43 - the newest geomorphic mapboards for wargaming's best tactical-level World War II simulation - are the centerpieces of this latest innovation for the ASL game system: the ASL Action Pack. Designed to get you right into the action, these Packs consist of boards and scenarios that further expand the ASL game system without requiring new rules sections. Board 42 depicts a small village crossroads: stone buildings, walls, hedges, and orchards are complimented by ponds, grainfields, and woods. Board 43 has the feel of a farm compound surrounded by large grain fields; the open terrain is sure to provide great fields of fire for your marauding armor. Eight new scenarios were specifically designed for use with these new boards. The actions in these battles span the length of the war-from 1939 to 1945-and the length of Europe-from Poland to Sicily, from Russia to France. Also included in the package is a color-coded flow chart to help you through the somewhat complicated OBA section of Chapter C. ASL Action Pack #1 is not a complete game. Ownership of ASL, Beyond Valor, Yanks, and The Last Hurrah is required. Additionally, one of the eight scenarios requires the Italians (Hollow Legions) and board 10 (Partisan), one requires the Japanese (Code of Bushido), and one requires board 38 (Gung Ho). Scenario list: AP1 The Ring - Germany 20 April 1945 - Russians vs Germans AP2 Storm of Steel - Russia 5 July 1943 - Russians vs Germans AP3 A Breezeless Day - France 2 January 1945 - Americans vs Germans AP4 L'Abbaye Blanche - France 7 August 1944 - Americans vs Germans AP5 Invisible Foes - Philippines 5 May 1945 - Japanese vs Americans AP6 Savannah Rain - Sicily 11 July 1943 - Americans vs Germans/Italians AP7 Directive Number Three - Russia 27 June 1941 - Russians vs Germans AP8 Bloody Harvest - Poland 7 September 1939 - Polish vs Germans All scenarios are available on MMP website (see weblinks section).

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