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Tis The Season: Christmas Trivia
1 - 5 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Trivia

A Christmas-themed trivia game. The six categories are: History, Facts, and Figures Traditions Around the World Cartoons, Animation, Made for Television Movies, Specials Carols and Songs Movies on the Silver Screen Literature and the Performing Arts The cards are color-coded and can be used with other trivia games. It contains 1800 Christmas questions. It includes independent game rules. The game includes 300 cards, a score-pad, and a box with the instructions printed on the bottom. Examples of the questions: What romantic tradition did England save while others allowed it to perish? What is Scrooge's favorite two-word phrase? To play the game one player or teams asks questions of another player or team. (For one player, read the question and answer it without looking at the answer.) If they get it correct, they get asked another question in the next category. If they get it wrong, play moves to the next player or team. The winner is the first person to get enough questions correct to spell the word "CHRISTMAS".

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