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Nosey Neighbor Card Game
2 - 6 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Bluffing Humor Deduction Party Game Children's Game
Hand Management Trick-taking Pick-up and Deliver

The whole family is gathered...but nobody invited Aunty Cate. Try to get rid of your cards, even if you have to bluff! This game consists a set of cards and a board with a line-up of seven family characters. The line up starts with Grandpa, Grandma, ..., and finally the Baby. The deck of cards holds four cards of each family member and also four Aunt Cate cards. Aunt Cate is NOT on the board! The winner is the first player how gets rid of his cards. Each player in turn places one or two cards on the board, face down. First on Grandpa then Grandma, etc. Its important for the laughters that each player calls out loud the number of cards and the character. "Two Brothers". If a player doesn't trust the case, he calls bluff. In the case the player was bluffing he takes the cards back and the following cards as well. If not, the calling player takes the cards back on hand.

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