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Curse of the Cobras Game
2 - 6 players
average 10 minutes
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Deduction Puzzle Children's Game Action / Dexterity

A simply puzzle guessing game where players take turns inserting plastic ankhs into a sarcophagus. One of the holes in the sarcophagus has a mechanical switch that sets off the "trap" which reveals a skull head and launches a handcuff-like cobra ring around your wrist. The mechanism resets to a new hole each time the game is reset. Egyptian theming make for a nice table centerpiece. Box design is very "Indiana Jones" looking. From Box: "Dare you Tempt the Curse of the Cobras? Somewhere in deepest, darkest Africa lies the hidden crypt of the Cobra's Curse. You and your fellow raiders dare to tept the nervously place the charmed keys into the keyholes on the mummy's coffin...the tension and suspense grow unbearable...until one unlucky player places a key in the "cursed" keyhole. The trap is triggered--the mummy awakes and abruptly sits up--and the striking cobras suddenly come together to seize the wrist of the unlucky loser--CAUGHT!"

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