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Battle for the Galaxy: Zylatron
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Science Fiction

In the year 5,000 in the galaxy of Zylatron, wars are no longer fought. Supremacy is decided on the Great Board of Zylatron. When you play the game, you become one of the battle planners of the galaxy of Zylatron. There are 5 main planets in the galaxy- Zull, Amazar, Zarb, Opton,, and the central planet of Zylon. Your aim is to gain control of the galaxy (ie.control of the board) by landing a warrior on the enemy control headquarters position or by taking off the board all the other players' warriors. A tactical game, using a colorful gameboard and interlocking playing pieces in the form of battle stars, star fighters, warriors, and missiles.

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