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Operation Veritable: ASL 1945 Rhine Historical Study
average 120 minutes
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Wargame World War II Expansion for Base-game
Modular Board Hex-and-Counter Simulation

OPERATION VERITABLE is the second of ASL's Historical Studies. It examines an often overlooked offensive in World War Two, the efforts of the British and Canadian armies to reduce the Reichswald and clear German forces from west of the Rhine in early 1945. Dense woods, mud, rain and flooded terrain were often the conditions faced by the confident Allied troops and the surprisingly still effective German defenders. OPERATION VERITABLE features a mix of tested scenarios, some using standard geomorphic mapboards, some fought on the enclosed historical mapsheet. The later is also used to full effect in an intense Campaign game. OPERATION VERITABLE is not a complete game. Ownership is required of the ASL Rulebook, BEYOND VALOR, the British order of battle (previously available in WEST OF ALAMEIN and reissued in FOR KING AND COUNTRY). Eleven of the 16 scenarios require boards and/or overlays not included here; two require deluxe boards c. g. and/or h; the other nine require some combination of the boards and overlays from CODE OF BUSHIDO and DOOMED BATTALIONS, overlays from GUNG HO! and CROIX DE GUERRE, and boards 4, 5, 11, 19, 43, 46, 49 and/or 50. CONTENTS: 1 Unmounted Mapsheet 2 Countersheets 16 ASL Scenarios 1 ASL Chapter Z (campaign game) 1 Historical Summary booklet TIME SCALE: 2 minutes per Game turn MAP SCALE: 40 meters per hex PLAYERS: 2 (suitable for team play) UNIT SCALE: 5 to 10 men with individual leaders, vehicles, aud guns PLAYING TIME: 2 hours (or more) COMPLEXITY: High SOLITAIRE SUITABILITY: Medium (source: back of the box)

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