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Der Bunte Hund
2 - 5 players
average 20 minutes
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Deduction Children's Game Memory

Skateboarder Benno is known as `the colourful dog' because he likes to wear different colours for each of his items of clothing. The game consists of four rounds, each played with a different deck. The card representing what Benno is wearing is hidden underneath the game board and the remainder are dealt to players. On each turn a player will ask several questions about the colour of Benno's clothing items on the cards that the other players have; questions specify a clothing item and a colour. If the answer to a question is `no', then the player asks the same question to other players. If all of them say no then the colour that Benno is wearing for that item has been determined and the player gets a victory point chip. If someone answers `yes' then a new question must be asked of the same person. The round ends when all of the colours have been determined.

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