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Duel of Ages: Masters Addendum
2 - 16 players
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Science Fiction Fighting Adventure Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Partnerships Hex-and-Counter Simulation

From the back of the box: The Masters Addendum brings the series to its conclusion, packed with the goods to fulfill all needs: New characters and equipment to challenge the shrewdest of players: Vengeance-filled Boudica, Celtic queen. Work-allergic Brad, the slacker. The wily treasure seeker, Dakota. The duplicating physicist, Dr. Marla Ulf. Gana, the enigmatic mimic. Dragon queen Kassina. High-stakes gambler, Leo Penney. Test subject Lia Vestri – both of her. Time agent Lyrra Swan. Australian outcast, Ned Kelly. The fire-dwelling Salamander. Trusted sidekick Sam, the deputy. Sandman, the urban legend. Alien timeseer, Seveneyes. Battle medic, Specialist Njeri. Massive Xecttyl, the hive mother. Masters Guide containing the compiled and updated rules set, and packed with a host of bonus material: New player introduction and tutorial. Full series character and equipment rosters. Rules variants. Assembly tournament rules and demo techniques. Card notes and tough love from the Chief Weewak. Character Crucible, containing 32 revised character and equipment cards. Game Aids, including: Player aid cards. Blank character and equipment cards to design your own expansion. Player aid poster with the core information from the entire series. Wordspanner chance deck. Expands Duel of Ages Set 1: Worldspanner

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