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War to End Wars
2 - 3 players
average 240 minutes
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Dice Fighting Wargame Industry / Manufacturing World War I
Dice Rolling Hex-and-Counter Cooperative Play Paper-and-Pencil

This game consists of a thin BOX with artwork by Rodger MacGowan, a 17-inches by 22-inches 5-color Map sheet, 200 die-cut cardboard counters, a Rules Booklet, while players will have to provide writing utensils, a 6-sided DIE, and make copies of the STATUS sheet before play. The area that the Map sheet covers is from the Western Front through Russia and the Mediterranean down through the Caucasus and Turkey with some of Persia & Egypt included. There are also the Turn Record Track, Terrain Key & Effests Charts, Morale Chart, Troop Class table, U.S. Build Box, Turn Sequence, and separate Entente & Central Powers Morale Tracks. A very small "Errata" sheet is included pointing out that the colors for the Greek, Serbian, Austrian, and Romanians weren't listed as well as clarifying the set-up of Austrian Class 2 units. The game counters are of various colors such as Greek-RED print on YELLOW, Serbian-RED on Light BLUE, Austrian-BLUE on WHITE, U.K.-BLACK on RED, French-BLACK on BLUE, Russia-BLACK on Pale GREEN, Italy-BLACK on KHAKI, U.S.A.-BLACK on GREEN, Turkey-BLACK on YELLOW, Montenegro-WHITE on RED, Bulgaria-BLACK on Pale YELLOW, Romanian-BLACK on APRICOT, Germany-BLACK on GRAY. The Rules have some charts in the back with the Combat Results Table, Artillery Table, Submarine Warfare Table, Summary of Factors Affecting Morale, & an additional rule, 9.7 Port. The game consists of 18 Seasonal Turns with 16 Phases: 4-Strategic & 12 Tactical. During Strategic Phases the following is conducted: 1.Submarine Phase; 2.Neutrality Phase; 3.Production Phase; 4.Strategic Movement Phase-a)Entente, b)Central Powers. The Tactical phases are: 1.1st-Entente Movement, 2.1st-Entente Combat, then 3.1st-Central Powers Movement, 4.1st-Central Powers Combat, followed by this sequence 5 more times. Included in the detailed Rules are provisions for Amphibious Invasion, Artillery Effects, Weather, Troop Class, Weather Effects, Supply, Sub Warfare, Morale Effects, Tanks, Stosstruppen, Fortified Cities, Surrender, and Production while the OPTIONAL Rules provide for Initiative, and the Austrian Navy Effects. The credits include playtesters from the Boeing Employees Wargaming Club: John Brinley, Dane Anderson, Joe Buoy, Cliff Chapin, Todd Flegel, Paul Brown, John Eikanger, & Joe Gregg, as well as Gordon Patterson & Alistair Brown with Rules editing by Nicky Palmer & Joe Gregg.

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