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2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Dice Party Game

This game is similar to "Can't Stop" whereby you try to push your luck as far as possible. Basically, everybody is given a number (1-6) [assume you are "3"]. In your turn you roll the five dice. If you get your number [for example there is one "3" in the five dice], you are given tokens for every die of your number [one token in the case] and the option to re-roll those dice which are not your number [in the case, the other four dice]. If you choose to re-roll them, you need to get more dice of your number to get more tokens [for example if you get another "3" from the four dice in the re-roll, you get another token]. If not [in this case if you did not get any "3" from the re-roll], you forfeit the tokens you get from your previous rolls [which is the one token}. With enough tokens you get to the "Pit". This is when the fun begins, instead of rolling the dice for your number, you roll other people's numbers of your choice. You get to remove their tokens instead. If you are out of the "Pit", you cannot do so. Games goes on till last man standing.

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