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Neopets TCG
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Fantasy Card Game Collectible Components Dice Animals Video Game Theme
Dice Rolling

The game is based on the successful Neopets website that allows kids of all ages to create and nurture virtual pets, while engaging them in various kinds of games. Choose three of the four contest arenas (strength, agility, magic, intelligence) to place your Neopets. Then engage in contests which involve stats from those cards and other item and equipment cards you can play. Both players roll a die to add to their totals, and if you win, you get to "bank" a card to the playmat from your hand. Each of those cards banked has a point value, and when you bank 21 points you win. There are also cards with the curious card type of "Something Has Happened!" Advanced rules add Heroes, Villains, Locations, Experienced Neopets, and other new concepts. Home Page:

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