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Perfect Timing!
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Electronic Party Game Action / Dexterity

"The Exhilarating Game of Time Perception" The box reads: "Is time on your side?" Perfect Timing! is the split-second stopwatch game that will challenge your perception of time and drive you wild! Players estimate time on a stopwatch (sometimes looking and sometimes not) during Race Against Time challenges and compare their times. Whoever has the "best of times" for a challenge wins a card. Those with the "worst of times" lose time from their time lines. Run out of time and you will be sent to Time Out. To win at Perfect Timing! you must be the first to collect all 10 Time-Saver cards or be the only player not in Time Out! The action is intense and non-stop. Everybody plays continuously and is in the game until the last play. Players also must develop strategies and make rapid decisions or the game will be over quickly because "time waits for no one." Perfect Timing! is a great game in which skill, chance and strategy are in a delicate balance. Play Perfect Timing! to find out if you really are in control of your time!

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