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Herd Your Horses
1 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Dice American West Animals Educational
Dice Rolling Set Collection Card Drafting Point to Point Movement

3 Multi-player Games and 3 solitaire games in 1 box. Game 1: You're the lead horse of a herd that has escaped the ranchers and gone wild. Collect 9 mares/foals and be the first to Green River Valley. Game2: You're a rancher out to round up horses that have broken free. Make it to Green River valley with a one of each type of horse (eight types) Game 3: Same as game 2, but the goal is to arrive at Green River Valley with three pairs of horses that each have attributes in common (same color, etc.) All three are simple games and follow the basic: "Roll dice, move piece, read card" type, with a little variation. The map has some interesting choices - different routes converge at some areas forcing players to choose which way to go, since landing on another player's token allows you to "steal" a horse. Perhaps the best part of the game is the artwork and background. The horse cards are beautifully drawn and the descriptions on the back of each include detail on the color, markings, and some interesting horse facts. Best for the kids of horse enthusiasts, or kids who are horse enthusiasts.

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