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Wine Cellar
2 - 8 players
average 90 minutes
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Educational Trivia
Set Collection Roll / Spin and Move

Players traverse a gameboard that represents California's Wine Country. Along the way, they will answer questions about wine and sample wines provided by the host. The first player to fill one's own Cellar Card with fifteen different types of wine wins. From the manufacturer's description of the game on enclosed promotional material: "An unusually sophisticated adult wine-tasting game that provides each player, by using his own strategy, the challenge and enjoyment of stocking his own personal wine cellar, while gaining an invaludable education in teh art of wine-tasting, wine-identification, and wine etiquette. With each stop on the map, you will learn bits of history about wine, what qualities to look for in a good wine, and how to speak the language of wine. Included in the game is a 24 page book by: [sic] "The Wine Advisory Board" as an introduction to wine."

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