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3 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Political Card Game Environmental Educational
Hand Management

Nowadays, problems are seen everywhere, and disasters are threatening the world. Natural resources are exploited and vanishing, available resources are wasted and becoming scarce; hazardous substances are transferred and causing pollution. Everybody is endangering the Earth by depleting resources and producing waste. Environmental destruction and climate migration are no longer merely regional challenges. All of mankind is facing the same plight. Now it's time for us to join hands and sweat over our home planet! In Terra, players are faced with major crises including environmental destruction, pollution and wasting problems. To save the Earth, we shall learn from the game how to live green! If we hesitate to take action, the beauty of our home will vanish one day. Let's do our utmost to protect the Earth! Players in the game take the role of heads of government who join forces to save the world from misery. While you may contribute your resources to relieve the world of its pressing challenges and prevent the game from ending in failure, the option of hoarding will keep you strong after the difficult times. What would you choose? The 2018 edition of Terra includes an easy variant for children and beginners. This variant offers a platform of pure co-operation in which players selflessly share goal of maintaining the ecological stability.

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