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Grand Prix
2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Racing Children's Game
Tile Placement Roll / Spin and Move

"An exciting Formula 1 Car race with real cars!" Up to four 2" plastic cars are placed on a rectangular Starting tile. Each turn a player either lays one of 20 4" square road tiles or rolls the die to move. If the die roll exceeds the number of tiles laid in front of the car, the move is forfeit. Within the 20 road tiles there are 4 event tiles; 3 are road hazards, resulting in a lost turn, and one is cheering crowd, giving an extra turn. After the last road tile is placed a rectangular U-turn tile sends the cars back in the opposite direction over the laid out course. No more than two cars can ever occupy a tile so the course can be blocked. Cars moving in opposite directions do not block each other. First one back over the initial starting line is the winner.

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