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The Haunted Clock Tower
2 - 6 players
average 15 minutes
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Children's Game Memory
Memory Cooperative Play

It's ten o'clock, and the ghosts in The Haunted Clock Tower are ready to have fun roaming up and down the stairs rattling their chains – but they must return to their rooms in the tower before the clock strikes midnight, and you need to help them find one another so that they can go home in time! To set up the game, players shuffle the 24 ghost tiles face down on the table and set the clock hands to 10:00. To start the game, one player reveals a tile, then the next player reveals another tile. Do the ghost colors match on these tiles? If not, advance the clock hands by five minutes, then turn the tiles face down once again. If they do match, however, the next player reveals another tile. Once again, if this tile doesn't match the others, the clock hands advance five minutes. Find the third colored ghost in the trio, though, and you get to stack them together and place them in the room of the same color. In either case, the next player in clockwise order takes the next turn. If the players return all the ghosts to their rooms before the tower reaches midnight, they win. Otherwise, they've lost the game, and the ghosts will continue to haunt the halls of the tower, forever at unrest...

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