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Peter Funk's Winning Words
1 - 24 players
average 120 minutes
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Word Game Trivia

From Peter Funk, the writer of the "It Pays To Increase Your Word Power" column from the American magazine _Reader's Digest_, comes this game, a Trivial-Pursuit-style affair that tests players' knowledge of words and their meanings. At the beginning of the game, players select a category of vocabulary, and for the remainder of the game they will be asked to define words from that subject. The six categories are "Romantic Souls" (words from the arts and humanities), "Sports Nuts" (sports, recreation, and the outdoors), "Mad Scientists" (physical and social sciences), "Big Bosses" (business, commerce and government), "Globe Trotters" (geography, history, and culture), and "Know It All" (general and miscellaneous). The game itself is a race around a track; players move their pawns around the board by correctly answering questions, with more difficult questions allowing faster progress. The rules also include many game variants, from solitaire to group play.

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