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This Vs That
4 - 16 players
average 45 minutes
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Word Game Party Game

From the publisher: This Vs That is a witty game of contrasting thoughts and strategies with a one-of-a-kind design. Two brainstorming teams race to create a list of five things that fit one of two contrasting categories ­ and then try to guess what the other team has written. Teams can use hints, hand gestures and sound effects to come up with the correct answers. The game unit is the centerpiece of This Vs That: a sleek electronic game module that not only provides the categories at random, but doubles as the timer and scoreboard for both teams. Game action gets loud and intense as teams scurry to identify their top five answers, and then again as they trade lists and try to identify the top five answers in their opponent’s category. Here's the catch... the time it took for one team to come up with their list is exactly how long the other team gets to guess... and vice-versa!

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