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3 - 5 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Humor

In this Edward-Gorey-inspired card game, players invite their wealthy relatives to parties where they meet with horrible accidents, and their inheritances are used to build lavish tombs, with the end goal being to build the largest Mausoleum. Cards represent your various relatives (Petulant Brats, Eccentric Widows, Bumbling Gardeners, Clever Nephews, etc.), the horrible accidents that befall them (Lost in the Hedge Maze, Fallen Down the Well, Mildly Suspicious Suicide, etc.), various graves, and "incidents" which have various affects, like causing an heir from an opponent's party to go "On Holiday" before (s)he could be done in, or causing an opponent's dead relatives to be "Misplaced", and thus negating their value. Home Page:

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