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Battlecards: World Conflict – North African Campaign – Starter Set
2 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Card Game Wargame World War II
Hand Management Secret Unit Deployment Campaign / Battle Card Driven

From the Publisher: Battlecards is a card game in which you and your opponent(s) build up forces and conduct battles in many of the great conflicts in history. This particular starter set deals with the Western European Theater during World War II. The game consists of a Conflict deck of 50 cards, 47 Arsenal cards for the British forces, and 47 Arsenal cards for the German forces. Based upon the draw of Conflict cards, players may build forces, learn about their opponent, gain a secret advantage, or enter into a battle. The objective is to be the player at the end of the game with the most victory points, or to win the battle for your opponent’s homeland. In addition, 20-card expansion packs are available to improve the selection and capabilities of Arsenal cards and Conflict cards for this set. Additionally, this set can be combined with the other World War II Starter Sets so you and your friends may play the entire war as you please. Africa: Desolate, expansive, and inhospitable. Even in the absence of war, its hostile elements threaten the lives of all who trespass upon it. But war is not absent, as hordes of Italian soldiers and tanks take up arms to establish the New Roman Empire for their leader, Mussolini. Standing in their way is the old established British Empire, and the new up and coming power of America. Reaching out for help from their ally Germany, the Afrika Corps is formed to deal with the Army of the Nile which is now reinforced with fresh American blood and equipment. Thus, the see-saw war across a continent ensues. Can Rommel be victorious at El Alamein? Will the Allies take the fortress at Tobruk? Can Operation Torch penetrate the Italian Navy? Will the French navy be an asset to the Allies, or the Axis? Will Patton's forces be defeated at Kasserine Pass? You decide in this Desert War edition of Battlecards: World Conflict.

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