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1 - 8 players
average 45 minutes
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Card Game Memory

With Ludoviel, Friedemann Friese, Thorsten Gimmler, Martina Hellmich, Hartmut Kommerell and Andrea Meyer created a game for all ludopaths, ludophiles, and game collectors, to sum up: for everybody who is as crazy about games and gaming as they are. However, it's not only one game. To be correct, Ludoviel contains 8 games. So, if you prefer taking Linie 1 to your Büro Crazy, earn Cash there when you acquire hotels while putting files ad acta, only to run to Holiday AG afterward to book a cruise from Kula Kula via Kahuna and Osterinsel to Kanaloa so as to find das letzte Paradies there, Ludoviel is your game. The 120 cards show characteristics of game material, mechanisms, categories etc. With these cards, the hour glass and the wooden pieces you can play eight games the development of which has been inspired by fairly well-known games. The eight rules have one thing in common: This is about games - card games, board games, solitaires, strategy, dice, communication, and collectible games. For the games you need reaction, knowledge, or a good memory. The included games: Ludingo (3-6 players) — inspired by Bingo Ludostyle (3-6 players) — inspired by Life Style Ludofacts (2-5 players) — inspired by Category Game Ludo Mio (2+ players) — inspired by Mamma Mia! Ludossa (3+ players) — inspired by Hossa! Ludoviel (3-8 players) — inspired by Such a Thing? Haste Ludo (3-8 players) — inspired by Haste Worte? Ludosolo (1 player) — inspired by Ludoviel — Funny people, aren't they?

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