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Abstract Strategy Dice

Cubulus / Die-Check is similar to chess on a 9x9 board except that for pieces each player has eight strategic cubes (dice), two shields (unmarked pieces the size of two cubes) and a master (king). The game ends with a checkmate. The strategic cubes move the number of squares shown on their top face, and each step of the move rolls the die to its adjacent face (thus the new top side is determined be the sequence of horizontal and vertical steps). Shields move so that one of their two covered squares stays the same. The master moves one spot orthogonally. (Additional moves for shields and strategic cubes exist in the advanced version.) Captures are made by moving onto other pieces, except that shields require one half to be put in check and the other half to be moved onto. If the master moves to the far end of the board it can be returned to its original position and replaced with a captured piece.

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