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Secrets of the Pyramids
2 - 4 players
average 15 minutes
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Ancient Deduction Children's Game Memory Educational
Area Movement Memory

This is the prequel to Ramses II, also designed by Gunter Baars. In this set, there are actually three ways to play the game. Each rule presents a different mechanic. All involves treasures and pyramids, but this one does not require dice or sticks Game 1: Ramses Cleans Up Objective is for the first player to hide all 8 of his treasures beneath the pyramids wins. Game 2: Where's the stuff, Mr Pharaoh? Objective is for the first player to get six different treasures is the winner. Game 3: Beware of the Mummy! Objective is to be the first person to find the most number of treasures under the pyramids. The game ends when there are no more treasures to be found. Specific rules to these versions will be uploaded soon with appropriate pictures.

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