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Quest for the DragonLords: The Crystal of Power
2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Mythology Dice Fighting Miniatures Adventure Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers Partnerships Role Playing Storytelling

The Crystal of Power - The 5 to 6 player expansion for Quest for the Dragonlords The Crystal of Power is the focal point of the universe, binding the fabric of time. In the first age, the Gods fought for control of the crystal through their demi-gods the DragonLords. When the DragonLords clashed the force unleashed was enough to shatter the Crystal of Power. Shards of the Crystal were thrown to the far reaches of our world, and I suspect even punched through the barriers of time. The second age was a time of darkness and chaos was upon us with the passing of the great crystal. You are our last hope. I pass to you a great and terrible burden, a shard of the Crystal of Power. Use it and rule wisely. Save our people, gather the shards and re-forge the Crystal of Power. Now 5 or 6 players can embark on a Quest for the DragonLords. Two new races fight for control of the shards. The Amazons are skilled in the art of combat and have the ability to charm their opponents. The Necromancers are the most feared, with the knowledge to raise the fallen. The "Crystal of Power" - The 5 to 6 player expansion comes complete with all new adventures and even more powerful spells. The Crystal of Power contains: 1 set of Necromancer plastic miniatures (45) 1 set of Amazon plastic miniatures (45) 2 Refernce cards 2 DragonLords 4 ships / 6 sails 12 Quest Cards 24 Scroll cards 9 Shards of the Crystal of Power Expands: Quest for the Dragonlords

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