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3 - 6 players
average 25 minutes
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Card Game Bluffing Deduction Party Game

Coyote is a simple bluffing game in a western setting. Every player gets a card (bound on his forehead by a fabric tape) showing a number of "hidden" Indians or a special value. You don't know the value of your card, but you can see all the others. The object of the game is to guess how many Indians are shown on the cards, declaring an increasing number every turn. If you are caught over declaring, you lose. Many special cards make every game turn a surprise, and don't forget you never know the card you are showing on your forehead. The game has been reprinted by the italian company Oliphante in 2010. Starting 2011, the french company Gigamic has got international rights and the game has been printed and distributed in a brand new edition.

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