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2 - 4 players
average 90 minutes
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Economic Nautical Renaissance
Auction/Bidding Pick-up and Deliver

In the old days - not as good as usually reported - many dangers awaited a merchant. In addition to thieves, malcontented customers and too high tolls, trade routes weren't as secure as they are today. Storms, pirates, war, malevolent officials, silted-up harbors and other disasters afflicted the trade routes. And so it could happen that cities which yesterday were only a few days away now lay at opposite corners of the known world. Precisely these problems are depicted in the game of Kogge. Kogge is a game for two to four players. Across the web of trade routes, the players try to trade goods and to establish trade houses. The ever-changing routes between cities don't make life easier for the merchants playing their trade on the Baltic Sea.

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