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Yahtzee Deluxe Poker
2 - 6 players
average 20 minutes
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Auction/Bidding Dice Rolling Press Your Luck Betting/Wagering

Last Chance is contract Yahtzee with side betting. Each player starts with a stake of chips. One of seven cards is overturned which shows a combination a player must roll on five dice. The tougher the combo, the more the cards are worth if won. Players bid on the chance to roll for the card. Those who don't win the bid can bet for or against the roller. If the roller makes the combo, he gets his bid back plus the card's stated value plus any bets made against him. If he fails, he loses his bid money. Any dice he applied to the combo stay on the card and players bid again on the partially completed card. If a player is low on cash, he can call "last chance" during bidding to win the bid automatically. Failure to make the combo will cost that bidder the game, however. Whoever has the most chips and at least one card by the end of the short card stack wins the game.

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Total Games Played on NemeStats: 2
Total Gaming Groups With This Game 2
Average Players Per Game 3.5

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Belinda Cool Games Night Players (except Jacob) 1 1 100 %
Wayne Parry's Gaming Group 1 1 100 %

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