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1 - 9 players
average 10 minutes
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Card Game Word Game Game System

From a review: Actually many games (14) in the same box. Equipment is a set of cards each showing one letter and a point value (there are also wild cards). You have a hand of up to 10 cards (you can draw as many as you like until you reach 10 - you start with 5). On your turn, you play a word to the table, with as many cards as you like face down. You announce the word, and everyone gets a chance to doubt you. You then show all the cards - if no one doubted you, you get the points for what you played (which could be QXZV, for a huge number of points). If someone did, you score if you were honest, with a bonus for each doubter. If you lied, the doubters get a bonus. You also get a bonus depending on your hand size and how many cards you played.

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