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Busine$$ GO
2 - 5 players
average 60 minutes
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Stock Holding Roll / Spin and Move

From the rules : "Want to test your money making instincts in the cutthroat world of finance? Then the International Money Game, is the ultimate challenge! Become a diamond magnate, an electronics mogul, a powerful industrialist, a ship builder, an oil or mineral tycoon, a luxury car manufacturer, or even a coffee czar. You'll be laughing... all the way to the bank! But beware, or else you might be swallowed up by the competition!" Game components - 1 Game Board - 2 Regular Dice - 3 Product Demand Dice - 5 Playing Pieces - 5 Service Industry cards - 26 Business License cards - Operating Fees cards - Mail cards - Corporations (5 colors) - White chimneys - Cash Drawer - Busine$$ GO Play Money A Monopoly-like game with a different objective. You have to buy Business License for various products, build industries and try to make sales (randomly driven) to upgrade your industries. The first player to accumulate 10 million dollars win. The interaction between players is also somewhat different from Monopoly as there are no trading phase and the players don't pay (and ruin) each other. All transactions are done with the bank.

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