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An Enchanting Evening
average 60 minutes
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Exploration Card Game Dice Party Game Action / Dexterity Educational Mature / Adult
Dice Rolling Roll / Spin and Move Role Playing Betting/Wagering Paper-and-Pencil Acting

The Game Begins by each player writing down a "Secret wish" that can be shared with his/her partner that evening. The players then move around the board, drawing cards that direct their actions. Some cards ask for verbal responses, which are positive and supportive. Other cards suggest gentle touching, some playful, others subtle and ambiguous. For example, one cards gives instructions..." The 'How much feeling can you put into a kiss' contest has just begun. You are a contestant. Give your Partner the winning kiss." All cards allow the players to enjoy the game, and each other, at any level of intimacy that's comfortable and fun for the both of them. This is one game in a set of five. Definitely a game for 18+

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