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Whad'Ya Know?
4 - 10 players
average 30 minutes
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Party Game Trivia

Whad'Ya Know?: The "Not Much" Knowledge Party Game Humorous trivia game based on the public radio quiz show Whad'Ya Know?, hosted by Michael Feldman. Works somewhat like Apples to Apples in that a different person reads a card each round, which the other players respond to. The reader (who puts a Michael Feldman bobblehead in front of them) cannot score that round. The outrageous questions are multiple choice (A,B or C) and are based on general knowledge and opinion polls. Gameplay Players to either side of the reader are the 2 contestants; the rest are the audience. Audience members choose and reveal their answers and then try to convince both contestants to vote for their answer. (They'll get points for their persuasive powers, even if it's the wrong answer.) After discussion and debating, the contestants vote for their answers and scoring chips are awarded. Scoring Anyone with the right answer to the question gets a chip. If both contestants choose the correct answer, they and everyone else with the right answer get an extra bonus chip. If both contestants choose wrong, they get no chips, but any audience member who chose the same wrong answer as both contestants gets a chip for successfully influencing them. The bobblehead is passed to the left and the new reader asks the next question. Play proceeds until someone wins the required number of chips (10-16, depending on the number of players).

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