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2 - 10 players
average 60 minutes
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Economic Dice
Dice Rolling Stock Holding Commodity Speculation

Publisher's Description: Each player starts with £300. He tries to make a further £300 by drawing dividends and by buying and selling shares in trading companies. There are six companies. Players do not own companies. The only way a player can obtain an interest in a company is by buying its shares. Players may invest all their money in one company or invest it in several companies as they please. Dice decide the dividends paid on the various shares, and these in turn influence the share values. Frequently, during the game, players may be able to foretell which shares are likely to rise and which to fall, and can buy or sell accordingly. The game is thus a mixture of luck and skill, and fun galore. What You Get: 1 mounted Playing Board 6 sets of share pegs Rule booklet Money in 5 denominations Deck of 'Market News' cards 6 sets of Share Certificates (8 each in Flutter, 10 each in Mr. Moneymaker) 1 six sided die and 1 letter die 1 dice shaker

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