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Streng Geheim
3 - 6 players
average 60 minutes
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Bluffing Deduction Spies/Secret Agents
Simultaneous Action Selection Secret Unit Deployment

A new secret formula has been discovered! Only those in possession of this formula can properly prepare the super-secret Truth Serum which, while tasting like (gerstensaft), persuades people to talk freely and reveal their secrets more effectively than any interrogation. It isn’t exactly shocking that all of the Secret Agencies are all interested in this formula. Discreet offers have already been made at each one by parties purporting to peddle the real deal, but whether any of them are actually genuine is still to be determined. As a Top Agent in your country’s Secret Service, your Chief has given you the assignment of obtaining the real formula and bringing it home – a difficult task, since various Agents from rival countries are trying to accomplish the same thing. The identities and cover names of these rival agents are, by the way, also of interest to the Chief. To succeed in your mission, you’ll have to pull out all the stops: Search hotels for secret information, obtain entry into Embassies and Research Laboratories, install bugs and use informants.

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