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2 - 3 players
average 20 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Dice
Dice Rolling Paper-and-Pencil

From the box: "Roll the dice and pick two to form a two-digit number. Then circle on the score pad. This strategic game of 3 in a row may sound simple, but do you have what it takes to cleverly select the best numbers to circle, while blocking out your opponent? Quick, fun and easy to learn, this exciting dice game will have everyone clamoring for more!" The basics: The game is packaged in a metal tin with dice, a score pad, 3 colored pencils and rules. Each player takes a different colored pencil and on their turn rolls the 3 dice. They can choose 2 of the dice to form a 2-digit number and circle that number on the score pad. Three in a row will score. The game provides a great balance of offense and defense as players strategically decide which number is best to choose for the best score or the best block.

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