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Dynasty League Baseball
1 - 2 players
average 45 minutes
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Pursue the Pennant was originally produced in 1985. The game was printed in a large box format with a limited print run of 5000 collectors copy of the game. The game included player statistics cards for the 1984 season. Cards for the 1984 season are elongated with room to place a baseball card picture of the player at the top of the card. The game was demonstrated at the Gencon Game fair with Topps baseball card pictures of the players. The 1985 game edition came with two sets of rules a basic rule book and an advanced rule book. The Basic Game includes: range and fielding, stealing and base running, sacrifice and suicide squeeze, wild pitches and passed balls, ball park effects and wild plays and injuries. The advanced game added throwing arms, advanced sacrifice, suicide squeeze and bunting for a hit, ball park effects, clutch hitting, the ability to get out of a jam, hit and run, pitcher's fatigue, pitcher's rest, infield in and limitations on play. Products published for the 1985 Rules: Core Deluxe Game 35 Player Rookie Card Set A newsletter was also published for the game as well. The 1986 season saw a change in the rules along with the modification of the player cards and box size. The box was reduced in size to roughly 10x10 inches but is still an irregular board game size. The player cards were reduced in size to mimic baseball collector cards. No pictures of the players are on the cards. Changes in the game do not permit the 1984 season cards to be utilized with the 1986 ruleset and above. The 1987 Edition Included a Rules update: Weather Effects Chart, At the Wall Chart, a modification of the Coach's Choice Chart that includes "Cut-off Play Option", Jump Chart and Stealing Chart modifications as well as changes to the Ball park Effect Chart and Infield and Outfield Range Charts. The Close Play was also added. Player Cards from the 1986 season can be used. Pursue the Pennant produced multiple versions of the game: 1985 Deluxe Collectors Edition 1984 Rookie Card Set Update 30 Players 1985 Card Set 1986 Card Set 1987 Card Set 1988 Card Set 1989 Card Set 1990 Card Set 1991 Card Set 1992 Card Set 1993 Card Set 1994 Card Set 1987 Season Extra Card Set 63 Additional Players 1988 Season Extra Card Set 63 Additional Players 1954 & 1957 Pennant Winners Set 1967 & 1968 Pennant Winners Set Six Teams for 1969 1974 & 1975 Pennant Winners Set 1982 Play-Off Teams Set Superstar Edition with 108 All Stars The All-Time Greatest Team set (32 teams) Hall of Fame / All Star set including players from the Negro Leagues. (747 cards) Dynasty League Baseball the successor to Pursue the Pennant can be found at

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