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Wizard Kings: Expansion Maps
2 - 7 players
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Wargame Expansion for Base-game
Variable Player Powers Hex-and-Counter Secret Unit Deployment

These are expansion maps for Wizard Kings (First Edition). They are also compatible with the second edition release. Each map adds new terrain and locales in which to wage war. There are four sets of two maps each: Barrenlands (Maps 5 & 6) Dragonia (Maps 7 & 8) Misty Islands (Maps 9 & 10) Azure Shore (Maps 11 & 12) After the release of Second Edition, (which includes maps #13 thru #16), the expansion maps were repackaged into three packs with 4 maps each, (2 two-sided poster maps). > Pack #1 included maps 1-4 (Maps included in the base game First Edition) > Pack #2 included maps 5-8 > Pack #3 included maps 9-12 For more information, see the Wizard Kings wiki page. Expands: Wizard Kings

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