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1 - 2 players
average 180 minutes
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Wargame Age of Reason American Revolutionary War
Dice Rolling Hex-and-Counter

Volume III in GMT's Battles of the American Revolution Series the Battles of Guilford Courthouse and Eutaw Springs, 1781. Contains 1 two-sided mapsheet, 1 sheet of 5/8 inch counters, series rule book, battle book, aids for previous games in the series, baggies, and dice. Regimental scale, 1 hour per turn. The game features: Replacement counters:3 for Saratoga, 2 for Brandywine Low counter density. Guilford, in particular, offers lots of room for early maneuver Decisive, substantial, and marginal levels of victory with new requirements that compel the armies to fight in order to avoid a draw Random player order rather than "I go, you go" sequence assures variability of play Army Morale Track measures tenacity and will to fight of opposing forces Specialty units: American and German rifle units and American Partisans with special capabilities 8 tactics chits with use restrictions to gain close combat modifiers Combat results that include pinned, capture, and step reduction Historical and campaign scenarios for each game with unique game and scenario rules Set up in minutes; play in 2 hours or less Leaders: (Guilford Courthouse) Greene, Eaton, Stevens, Lee, Cornwallis, Leslie, O'Hara, Webster, and Tarleton. (Eutaw Springs) Greene, Hampton, Marion, Stuart, Majoribanks, and Coffin. Game scale: Unit: Regimental Time: 1 hour per turn Map: 200 yards per hex 2 Errata Counters and one minor rule change are included in C3i #27 (2013)

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