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Summer Camp
2 - 7 players
average 60 minutes
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Card Game

In Summer Camp, each player becomes a pubescent camper residing in her very own cabin. During the game, players do their best to persuade the coolest kids at camp to hang out with them, while simultaneously sending the uber-dorks into other player's cabins. One camper might lead a late night toilet paper attack, while another slips off to the lake for some skinny dipping with a summer fling. Watch out for the visit from grandma and grandpa or the surprising prescription of orthopedic shoes! For every cool person, event and item in your cabin, you garner 'cool points' , while un-cool cards take the same points away. Play several games in a row and develop rivalries, crushes, and ancient grudges. Note: this is not a game for children. You need one six-sided die (not included) to play. Online Play CCG Workshop (no longer available)

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