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Mission Command Air
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Wargame Aviation / Flight Modern Warfare
Dice Rolling Hand Management Simultaneous Action Selection Roll / Spin and Move

Based on the late-eighties Milton Bradley game Screaming Eagles. Lead your squadron to victory in this aerial dogfight game. Eliminate enemy aircraft. You are the squadron leader of two elite fighter planes on special maneuvers. Your mission is to shoot down your opponent's two aircraft. You are fully armed with missiles and cannons. But your opponent is equally prepared. Plan each move carefully to avoid being hit. Fly to the left, right or straight to get in position to fire on the enemy. Once you're locked in on a target, fire away. A hit will cause damage to the plane or may disable it completely. Knock out both planes and victory is yours. Contents: 20x30 game board, 8 plastic planes with stands, 4 squadron boards, 60 navigation cards, 50 missile tokens, 45 damage markers, 7 dice and instructions. Part of the Mission Command series.

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